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The references and CRB Check I´ ve got are from Mexican Institutions and Government. I´ ve taught English and Spanish in public schools suach as the Autonomu...
Toluca, México (4 miles from centre)
30 miles
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6 years

Areas Covered: San Miguel Zinacantepec, Lindavista, De La Veracruz, San Gregorio, De San Miguel, Zimbrones, San Luis Mextepec, Deportiva, Las Culturas, Irma Patricia Galindo De Rez, Ojuelos, San Lorenzo Cuauhtenco, San Matías Transfiguración, Nueva Serratón, Rancho San Nicolás, San Jorge, Bosques Residencial, Casa Grande, Privadas De La Hacienda, Zamarrero, Zimbron, San Cristóbal Tecolit, San Lorenzo Cuautenco, Cerro Del Murciélago, Rinconada De Tecaxic, 29 De Octubre, La Aurora I, Los Maestros, Nevado Plus I, Nevado Plus Ii, Residencial Zinacantepec, Vista Nevado 1
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